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I'm back!!

March 5th, 2018 at 02:06 pm

Life is busy, time goes quickly. Here we are in March and I've only just remembered I was going to track my spending here more this year.. lol

Well things are going super well here. Only spending on essentials and saving for 15 things at once each pay. Saving up for booklists, back to school and new school shoes etc, saving for my 40th birthday party later in the year, saving for lots of things and have actually in the last ftn started a fun and freedom account (something to not touch for a year or two and use for future financial gain and/or for future fun.

We have a large drop in income coming and I am still only working casual hours so that's not going to make things very easy but I will manage like always, hence being prepared, putting $ aside for future bills and the things I want to do like the birthday party.

So far for the year, travelling along well and I am happy.

I have also been giving my whole house a declutter, purge and sort. My sister came down and stayed here and we did long days. My daughter also helped heaps.

Starting to feel a lot lighter and less stressed overall. This is a huge emotional change for me too Smile


January 1st, 2016 at 07:54 pm

Took DD to the stupidmarket for some fruit and good snacks to eat over the holidays, she chose what she wanted to eat and now she's already whining that she can't eat my junk food snacks that I saved, when she ate all of hers in one sitting the other day when it was hot.. tough kiddo lol

Grocery list:
3kg oranges, 2kg bananas, 1kg nectarines, 1kg apples, cheese, milk and wholemeal bread, a salad mix in a packet and a box of cruskits

Total $27